09.06.2021 Book launch

Syncity's final publication "Transform: A toolbox for urban governance in action"

By 2050, about one in three people globally will live in a city. How can we make urban change sustainable and fair? How can we ensure a high quality of life in cities for everyone? How do we create an urban commons together? The city of tomorrow needs new concepts of participation which promote the creative competence of all people, the aim for sustainability and focus on the needs of disadvantaged residents.


The box was developed by the project team of the Syncity project , which spent three years in the Brussels district of Cureghem researching and developing new ideas for the neighbourhood, inspired by best practice initiatives from Vienna.

The "Toolbox for urban governance in action" offers innovative concepts, numerous real-life examples and a step-by-step guide to participatory processes and projects in the urban social space. Additionally, it includes eleven method cards with practical instructions, and ten new tools for participation and sustainability in urban processes.

The vision: cities in which the boundaries between planning experts, city administration and citizens dissolve, and move towards a shared governance. Cities, where residents, irrespective of their socio-economic or cultural background live, work and learn in synergy. Cities which develop and renew themselves in harmony with natural resources and the principles of sustainability.

It contains contributions from 19 authors in the fields of science and practice, including sociology, architecture, urban planning and spatial planning, social work, analogue and digital participation, human geography, evaluation of ecological sustainability, cultural and social anthropology, intercultural neighbourhood work, etc.

Bibliographic information:
Ina Ivanceanu, Richard Pfeifer, Catalina Dobre (Eds). Transform A toolbox for urban governance in action.
ISBN 978-3-99126-027-1
The box contains the publication as well as a data stick.

It can be ordered here.

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