02.02.2023 8:00 Roma Tre, Argiletum Conference

Across positionalities

LoUIsE take part in the network of laboratories in urbanism, urban studies and landscape “Territories in Transition”, organizing Across Positionalities, a two-day PhD seminar host in Rome (February 2nd & 3rd, 2023). The seminar is hosted by the Architecture City Lanscape Doctorate of the Department of Architecture of the University of Roma Tre and is open to PhD students, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers of the joint programme.

Across Positionalities offers researchers the opportunity to position themselves with respect to the issue of transition which largely concerns spatial research. Transition implies an ambiguity of change, accommodates a multitude of possible perspectives, and thus requires research and researchers to spell out interpretations and points of view. Like all Territories in Transition seminars, the one in Rome will be a moment to share research progress and thus bibliographies, research questions, methods, objectives, in a collegial perspective of collective learning and unlearning.

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