03.07.2019 Metrolab.Brussels, Quai du Commerce 48, 1000 Brussels Exhibition

Socio-Ecological Design: A Right Imperative?

A short investigation by Marco Ranzato as a visiting Scholar for Metrolab.Brussels at Parsons The New School, New York.

In fall 2017, as visiting scholar for Metrolab.Brussels at Parsons The New School, New York, Marco Ranzato conducted a short investigation on two architectural post-Hurricane Sandy reconstruction projects that progressed by taking different participatory trajectories.

Socio-Ecological Design in Post Sandy Reconstruction. Two Reconstruction Projects In New York City is the video—shot with basic means (a smartphone and a mic)—that collects the interviews to the designers involved in the design projects but also some academics who in New York are engaged in merging social and environmental questions through design.

The beautiful but sometimes frustrating contradictions that opening the space of deliberation entails emerge, especially when participation becomes a sterile institutionalized procedure. This evening titled Socio-Ecological Design: A Right Imperative? is about the projection of the video and an open debate where academics, representatives of the civil society, institutions and citizens are invited to intervene. The video is in English, the debate will mix French and English.

Image credits : Flore Herman, Marco Ranzato
Editing : Vincent Van Grevelynghe

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