10.03.2020 09:30 Faculty of Architecture La Cambre Horta ULB - Local 167, 2nd floor Seminar

Decolonial Thinking; Untangling perspectives from the South

The seminar focuses on the decolonial thought developed in the Americas. The seminar untangles ontological and epistemological critical perspectives for design coming from the South.

This seminar, conducted by Daniela Salgado, Ph.D. Researcher Sasha Lab [Architecture and Human Sciences], and Alvaro Mercado, Ph.D. Researcher Louise Lab, is part of the Formation Doctorale 2019-2020: Recherche en Développement directed by Luisa Moretto at the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta, ULB.

The seminar will introduce the genealogy of the 'decolonial thinking', which emerged in the Americas as a critic to the modernity/coloniality project. Then, it will present how this critical perspective have been deployed against dominant design paradigms, producing the notions of 'design for the pluriverse', 'design for/by the South', and 'design for autonomy'.

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