24.10.2019 9:30 Barcelona - ETSAB Seminar

Geoffrey Grulois & Benoit Moritz at Laboratori d’Urbanisme de Barcelona (LUB)

On 24 October Benoit Moritz and Geoffrey Grulois will take part to the 50th anniversary of the LUB, the Barcelona Urban Planning Laboratory (Laboratori d'Urbanisme de Barcelona) founded by the urban planner Manuel de Solà-Morales.

To mark this 50th anniversary, an international seminar entitled Urbanism and Cities on the horizon and an exhibition on academic research The relevance of searching in depth are organised.

Geoffrey Grullois and Benoit Moritz will speak at the seminar organized in the morning on themes related to the challenges of the contemporary city and the university research to be conducted in connection with them.

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