Benoît Moritz

Professor 2010

Benoit Moritz is Professor of Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture of the ULB and co-cordinator of the Metrolab.Brussels.

Benoit Moritz graduated in architecture (ISACF-La Cambre) and urban planning (UPC Barcelona). In 2001, he cofounded MSA office in Brussels which is an architecture and town planning agency oriented towards the development of urban projects of different scales.
He also developed a teaching and prospective research activity at the Faculty of Architecture (ULB).

His research focuses on urban projects currently developed in Belgian cities and the players involved. Benoit Moritz is also the author of many articles on the topic of urbanism. In 2017, Benoit Moritz received the MIES AWARD in the category of the ‘Emerging Architect’. Since 2017, he is a member of the Académie Royale de Belgique.

He is currently a co-coordinator of Metrolab.Brussels, a transdisciplinary laboratory for critical urban research and the academic coordinator of the Master in Territorial Management and Urban development co-organized in Charleroi by the ULB and UMons.
He co-edited : (2013) Re:Work / Making place for industry, wholesale and logistics in Brussels (2014) End of Line / Combining housing, facilities and transport infrastructure in Brussels (2018) Designing urban inclusion / Metrolab Brussels MasterClass 1.

He is a member of the scientific board of the Brussels Studies Institute.

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