Géry Leloutre

Professor 2010

Géry Leloutre (° 1979, Brussels) is an architect (ISAVH 2002), urban planner (KU Leuven 2006) in Brussels, active in the design office Karbon' that he co-created in 2008. He is leading professor at the ULB Faculty of Architecture.

In 2007, he directed the Brussels urban planning journal BrU and recently completed a doctoral thesis, jointly with the ULB and the IUAV in Venice, on the modus operandi of city building in Brussels in the middle of the 20th century. He continues to reflect on Brussels and urban planning, sharing his insights in an integrated way through a combination of teaching, conducting research and article writing, and practice.
Currently focusing on the study of urbanization dynamics, he is also involved in the coordination of a research program on urbanization in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

contact : gery.leloutre@ulb.ac.be

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