Marco Ranzato

Former member 2013 2020

Marco Ranzato is a post-doc researcher and senior lecturer.

Marco Ranzato (PhD) is researcher and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta of the Université libre de Bruxelles, research coordinator of the LoUiSE research group for the laboratory of territorial engineering Metrolab, and co-director of LATITUDE Platform for Urban Research and Design. His research focuses on expanded understanding of ecological design, processes of horizontal urbanization, as well as on co-production, focusing in particular on co-production of water, energy and waste services and co-design.
He recently edited the book Water vs. Urban Scape: Exploring integrated Water-Urban Arrangements (Jovis, 2017), and co-edited the books Metabolism of an Emerging Town in Ethiopia: The Case of Amdework (Jovis, 2018), and Designing Urban Inclusion (Metrolab Series, 2018).


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